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Egg Carton Soundproofing Facts

Egg Carton SoundproofingThere is a lot of false information floating around the Internet that makes it very easy to make expensive mistakes soundproofing a room, such as egg carton soundproofing. There are many tutorials, videos, and articles around explaining how to use egg carton soundproofing as a type of cheap soundproofing material in your basement, or garage setting up a home studio, or rehearsal space. The fact of the matter is, egg carton soundproofing is a myth. But is it a complete waste. For those trying to get the band back together for one more tour, you might be wondering if there is any point in collecting those egg cartons.

Egg Carton Soundproofing Myth

The egg carton soundproofing myth originates from the subtle distinction between sound blocking and sound dampening. What most people don’t realize is that many products such as sound dampening foam are actually designed to improve the quality of sound in a particular room. They are not made to keep unwanted noise out, or protect neighbors from noise getting out. If your goal is to improve the quality of sound in your rehearsal space by reducing echo, and reverberations, then there is the potential that egg carton “soundproofing” may do some good.

Benefits Of Egg Carton Soundproofing

Sound deteriorates and becomes difficult to manage when it bounces off one wall of the room, hits another, bounces off, hits another etc. creating a massive “sound collision” in the space. On way that professional acoustical engineers fix that problem is to add texture to the walls construction, or add sound dampening foam to the entire surface. The acoustical foam deflects and absorbs the sound so that you get a less chaotic sound quality in the space. Sound dampening foam can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars, making it unaffordable for most people.

Egg carton soundproofing, if applied across an entire wall, can help deflect the sound in multiple directions so their aren’t so many “collisions.” However, they do not do a good job absorbing the weakened sound waves which makes them much less effective than properly made sound dampening product. The benefit of egg carton soundproofing off course is that is much cheaper than any true soundproofing materials. You can purchase egg carton materials locally, or in some circumstances gather everything you need for free. This can be a great experimental project for those interested in acoustic, or sound in general. So, if you’re short on cash, and have plenty of time, egg carton soundproofing may not be a complete waste of time, however don’t expect a miraculous result.